Why use Sunley Workplace Solutions?

Carmel Sunley strives to deliver the best possible service to her clients and in doing so adheres to the following principles of practice:

Principles of Practice


By instructing Sunley Workplace Solutions you will always deal directly with Carmel Sunley with her experience and seniority and you will not be assigned a junior lawyer to deal with your work. This ensures not only consistency of approach but also ensures that a working knowledge of your business, your style and your commercial goals is consistently maintained.


Carmel believes that commerciality in the delivery of service to clients is achieved through the combination of being proactive, consistent, listening and understanding the issues at risk, a willingness to be creative and an ongoing continual appreciation of costs.


Carmel prides herself on providing practical solutions and not just to tell you the law.  Carmel strives to help you achieve your commercial aims and goals within acceptably managed parameters of risk. If you are an employer this includes your employee relations management style.  Many of Carmel’s solutions are not simply about how to comply with the law but about bringing to bear her knowledge of how to get from A to B in the most efficient manner whilst balancing the various competing interests that commonly arise in any employee relations scenario.


At times Carmel works in collaboration with other professionals, including barristers, human resources professionals and mediators. This ensures that she has a complete back-up to services provided to clients and that she at the forefront of current expert opinion in the field.


Carmel is happy to advise by phone, by email, via Teams or Zoom video-link or through a wide variety of advice formats tailored to meet your internal business needs. Regardless of the means of communication, Carmel’s goal is always to provide accessible, clear, succinct and relevant advice in a timely fashion and whenever appropriate being proactive and not simply reactive in doing so. Carmel acknowledges that the first role is to listen and learn, to understand what you want and why and wherever possible to facilitate that.


It is appreciated that costs are a key part of any advisor relationship. Carmel offers a range of pricing options for the delivery of her services including hourly rates, fixed fees and retainers. Estimates of costs are always given at the outset of a matter. Costs are however about more than legal fees, they are about a commercial approach to risk. Carmel will always consider with you the cost/risk benefit of a matter in assessing and advising on a recommended approach.

To discuss the services that Carmel offers, please complete the enquiry form or alternatively contact Carmel direct for an informal, no-obligation consultation.