Paternity leave

The Paternity Leave (Amendment) Regulations 2024 and the Statutory Paternity Pay (Amendment) Regulations 2024 bring in changes to the statutory paternity leave and pay schemes with effect from 6 April 2024.

These changes include increasing the period during which leave can be taken to within 52 weeks of the child’s birth or placement, allowing leave to be taken in two separate blocks of one week, and adjusting the notice required to be given.

Employers should note that an employee has the right not to be subjected to any detriment by their employer for a prescribed reason related to paternity leave. The prescribed reasons are set out in relation to paternity leave in the PAL Regulations.

In summary, protection is triggered if an employee suffers detrimental treatment because they took or sought to take paternity leave, or because their employer thought they were likely to do so.

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